What happens at a Horses ‘n Faith Camp!

 Retreat Activities and Bonus Experiences



Rides at the Powderhorn are an experience you will never forget. Whether you’re a novice rider or an experienced hand, the rides during the retreat will be a wonderfilled experience. Expect to make friends and memories here that will be with you for a lifetime. 

Find Faith in your Future

Life is not always easy which is why God blessed us with horses and healers. Each day you will be offered an opportunity to participate in a unique experience where the wisdom of the horse is passed on to you to guide you. Maybe you’ve been struggling with a problem or situation in your life; or maybe you simply want to grow in your faith and passion for living — regardless, you will find the answers God wrote on your soul revealed through the quiet patience of the horse standing next to you. Your guide Carolyn Fitzpatrick a has been specially trained in coaching with this technique that has proven life changing for over 96%* of people who experience it.

* An Independent Study of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (the technique Carolyn uses in her coaching) was conducted in 2016-2018 and found that 96% of respondents agreed they felt better after their equine coaching session than they did before it.

Fellowship & Nourishment

Food home cooked with love awaits you at the Powderhorn Ranch. Meals are taken together and all appetites and diets will leave satisfied. Weather permitting, we try to take at least one of the retreat meals outdoors (and prepared in a very unique fashion you may have never experienced)! Some time every day will be set aside each day for both fellowship together and private reflective devotional practice.  

Reconnect with Nature

For many of us, nature is something we glance at on our way somewhere else. Horses ‘n Faith Camp offers you the opportunity to reconnect with nature and rebalance your connection to what God has created in the beauty of the outdoors. The Powderhorn is home not only to humans, horses, cows and bison; it also features amazing and diverse wildlife including antelope, elk, a multitude of bird species, and a wide range of mountain habitat for you to explore.

Be Pampered in 5 star Ranch Hospitality!

What to Expect:

A cowgirl experience in the Western tradition.
Comfy accommodations and plenty of open spaces to relax and unwind.
Lots of Western tales and stories — maybe even some poetry!
Home-cooked meals that will fill you with love.
Horses — plenty of well-trained horses!
Awesome and beautiful natural scenery.
Empowerment in your faith and confidence your spiritual growth.



Agenda for the Powderhorn Portion of the Retreats

Day One:
Arrive at the Powderhorn by 4 pm for checkin.
Connection Circle & Introductions at 5 pm
Dinner 6:30 pm
Orientation will be after dinner.

Day Two:
Home-cooked Breakfast 
Spiritual Connection lead by Susie True
Morning Horse Time at the Barn
Cowgirl Trail Ride
Hiking, Journaling, Time to Rest and Relax
Dinner & Sistership

Day Three:
Home-cooked Breakfast
Spiritual Connection lead by Susie True
Morning Horse Time at the Barn
Cowgirl Trail Ride
Journaling & Time to Rest and Relax
Dinner Out on the Range

Day Four:
Home-cooked Breakfast
Spiritual Connection lead by Susie True
Morning Horse Time at the Barn
Lunch & Sistership
Closing Connection Circle

For our Women’s Camp, we will attend Cheyenne Days (World Class Rodeo) ahead of the retreat plus have a day of sightseeing. The Couples Camp will have a day of sightseeing ahead of the retreat. Book the retreat NOW because it will fill. It becomes nearly impossible to book a hotel for Cheyenne Days the longer you wait to book.

Carolyn Fitzpatrick

[email protected]